From Farm To Table

March has come again.

On our operation, it means that part of our work is complete.

We calve put our cows March-May each year. The cows and their calves spend the summer on the rolling hills under the prairie skies. Cows are cared for so that they do a great job raising their calves. Calves are cared for so that they grow big and strong.

In October the cows and calves come home and calves weaned from their mothers. They go into our feeding lot and enjoy a diet of a custom feed mix under the supervision of our beef nutritionist. We do this to begin the process of growing them into the wonderful beef you will one day enjoy. We monitor and treat them for any sickness or malady that might arise. When March comes, they weigh in at 700-900 pounds, and our work is complete. They then go on down the road to finish fattening at a feedlot we know and trust.

We loaded out two full trucks yesterday, smiling through the process. It’s a wonderful feeling to see your work come to fruition. It’s a wonderful feeling to feel proud of the product you have for consumers. It’s a relief to feel some of your work is done.

Less chores make way for us to pick up new work, that being the calves that will begin to hit the ground this week.

I did my part yesterday while my sick children sat in the warm truck and looked on. I watched my daddy orchestrate the quiet movements and process that he has navigated and led over and over and over again. I know one day he won’t be there to lead us through this tradition of spring, but I have the deeply satisfying gratitude that through his teaching we will go on as he has done, and the generations before him. It’s because we love this life and we love our purpose. It’s not for money or gain, but the solace in knowing our existence is doing good for all mankind.

Thanks dad.

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