Hamburger Helper makes me a better mom

Two nights ago I raced up and down the aisles of my favorite grocery store, with a hangry 2 year old in the cart and shopping list saved on my phone.

I careened to a stop when I saw the familiar “on sale” signs. I always do.

I am a mom on a shoestring budget.

The bright signs indicated that Hamburger Helper of all sorts was on special. As I scanned the choices, someone breezed by my backside, commenting how HH was a waste of money.

Well, in my house HH is not a waste of money. In my home HH makes me a better mom.

I grabbed up 4 boxes and threw them into the basket and proceeded on.

Today has been one of those days. Acres to mow, irrigating to do, cows out and fence down, and did I mention the children who seem to be hungry regardless of how busy mama is?

When I am short on patience and time, I turn supper over to the 13 year old and 10 year old. I tell them to summon the little friend who smiles broadly from the box, follow the instructions, and get a meal on the table. Sure, we add extra noodles, vegetables, make side dishes, and more. But I get to focus on the joys of my day and not the stress or expectations of some five course grand finale to the day.

For a few moments,I can rest in knowing that these kids can learn some new skills, and I can be sure supper will be served at the proper time. And when sports season and school activities come roaring in over the next month, I will be the one to occasionally grab the happy red box in a pinch, because Hamburger Helper makes me a better mom.

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