The Wheels That Have My Heart

At 7:05 AM each weekday, I catch the bright lights that cross Clear Creek, and hear the rumble headed my way.

My kids throw on their backpacks and step into their boots while usually throwing a wave or sleepy smile as they file out of the porch to their big yellow transport.

It’s the same routine that has come to this house each school day for over 30 years.

Yellow busses race up and down dirt roads all over this country. The drivers are young and old, in my district there is a driver who faithfully has picked up kids since I once rode. They turn up their parkas against frigid temps. They carry coolers at their feet when the sweltering days of August have them thirsting for a break. They referee fights and clean up vomit after a child gets car sick. They spray seats with Lysol and bake birthday treats for their riders. They bark “quiet” when they have to safely usher 20-30 precious souls across railroad tracks.

They mend the broken hearted who got on the bus without breakfast or had a fight with a parent before school.

They love on those who don’t want to get off when the day has ended.

They are responsible for delivering our most precious cargo to and from school.

Each and every day.

Without fail.

They are some of the most unsung heroes of the public school system of America.

They are our bus drivers.

This week in Nebraska, the quick thinking and actions of a driver, saved the lives of the precious babies on his bus when it caught fire.

I can’t imagine.

A long time ago, our family added our bus driver to our daily prayer list. Our Ms. Tina has taken care of, and responsibility for our children each day on the country roads…since 2014.

When you think about it, you will be hard pressed to find another person you have entrusted your child’s well-being to, beyond the scope of your bus driver.

They are worthy of our prayers and more.

This morning it’s -12 and the windchill far colder. We don’t have school today, I am thankful for the reprieve for these drivers who haul hundreds of kids across our district in this frozen tundra.

I hope many of them are tucked in with their morning coffee, resting in the quiet, and knowing how appreciated they are.

They keep the big wheels turning, and I could never express how grateful I am.

Thank a public schools bus driver today.

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